Say No To Cuomo

Say No To Cuomo. New Yorkers can’t take another 4 years. Amid scandals and criminal investigations, Andrew Cuomo defiantly has his sights set on a fourth term in office. His arrogance DEFIES COMPREHENSION!! He has laid waste to the Empire State during his tenure as Governor. The economy is in ruins, largely due to his excessive and unwarranted lockdowns during the pandemic. Crime is rampant because of his bail reforms. The streets are no longer safe, particularly in NYC and the capital city of Albany. Everywhere there is grief and distress. People are fleeing in droves to sunnier and saner destinations. Through it all he remains belligerent, refusing to yield to the inevitable and resign. He is already scheduling big ticket fundraisers for his re-election campaign. The Legislators must do the right thing and stop equivocating. They must commence IMPEACHMENT proceedings at once. Deny him the chance of ever running for office again. Say No To Cuomo! The future of New York hangs in the balance.