Second Act ?

Second Act ? Andrew Cuomo is Exiting – For Now. Will there be an encore ? The disgraced Governor is wily. He may be plotting a Comeback. The first clue is his ploy to wait 14 days before resigning. Former US Attorney Preet Bharara sees potential mischief in that move. Cuomo still has powerful private backers in NYC. One or more will likely offer him a lucrative job. Real estate and mergers and acquisitions are 2 areas where he may make Big Bucks. First he has to contend with possible impeachment proceedings that would bar him from over again holding state office. He also faces criminal investigations by 5 county district attorneys. His accusers may file civil lawsuits against him. He is probably already plotting and scheming. Rudy Guliani says Cuomo will resurrect himself. Second Act ? The story is far from over. We suspect it is JUST BEGINNING !!