Self Destruction

Self Destruction engulfs Andrew Cuomo. He who so recently was riding high has fallen hard. His demise is his own fault. The Governor became an icon early in the pandemic. His daily broadcasts garnered national attention. He even won an Emmy for his television appearances. He seemed destined to run for higher political office. Some saw him as a potential future presidential candidate. Now everything is in ruins. His downfall is nearly complete. The hard talking wannabe thug did this to himself. He thoroughly abused the power of his office. He engaged in criminal misconduct, deliberating obstructing justice by concealing the number of nursing home deaths. All the while he was sexually harassing women. Events are consuming his administration. There is broad bipartisan support for his impeachment. True to form, he arrogantly refuses to resign. Like a Shakespearean tragedy he was corroded by his own failings. All that remains is his removal from office and likely criminal prosecution. You did this to yourself, Governor.

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