Sick and Tired of Same Old Refrain

We are Sick and Tired of the Same Old Refrain. Everyday Andrew Cuomo quotes covid statistics. He takes credit for the improving numbers. What about the countless front line workers who risked life and health to make this happen? Why doesn’t the Governor talk about other pressing issues? Like high crime, taxes, and unemployment. He singlehandedly crippled the New York economy through his authoritarian lockdowns. Millions are out of work. Thousands of businesses have failed and closed. Through it all he recites medical statistics. He is deflecting attention away from the devastating effect his policies have had on the Empire State. New Yorkers DEMAND that he address the failures of his administration. Sick and Tired of the Same Old Refrain. King Andrew’s manipulative tactics will NO LONGER WORK. We INSIST ON ACCOUNTABILITY for the HARM HE HAS DONE.