Casting Aspersions

Andrew Cuomo is Casting Aspersions This latest outrage calls into question the integrity of Attorney General Letitia James investigation into his alleged sexual harassment. He evidently fancies himself to be a Mafia Don. He is deflecting criticism, maintaining she is not impartial. He insinuates that she plans to run for governor herself. King Andrew remains true to form. He is a street thug who lies, bullies, and intimidates. Through it all he refuses to exit. Yesterday he defiantly said “I did nothing wrong, period, and I’m not resigning.” To preserve the rule of law in New York, the Legislature must IMPEACH. There can be no equivocation given his abuse of power. Indeed, the courts will consider possible criminal charges. Never again can one man be allowed to subvert the office of governor. Desperate to hold on to power, he is Casting Aspersions. The despicable tactic is doomed to failure.