Stall Tactics

Stall Tactics. That is what Andrew Cuomo and his remaining allies in the Legislature are engaging in. They are deliberately dragging their feet on the investigations into his wrongdoing. They evidently seek to buy time, hoping things will calm down. They are looking to DELAY the inevitable. Enough with such outrageous tactics. WE SAY IMPEACH NOW!! The State Constitution does not require an investigation to begin IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. Given the multiple scandals engulfing his administration, the time is now to launch the process. No less than our Democracy and Liberties are at stake. The weakened governor is hurting all New Yorkers. Remember his capitulation on raising taxes on businesses and the successful. Witness the mass exodus of taxpayers from the Empire State. SAY NO TO THE STALL TACTICS. Let the RULE OF LAW prevail!! Start IMPEACHMENT NOW so the healing can begin.