Stall Tactics

Andrew Cuomo is engaging in Stall Tactics. He is biding his time, hoping that the investigations into his misconduct drag out. The Governor is playing a dangerous game looking for reports back by mid summer. Then he hopes that public outcry will have receded and he can hold on to the reins of power. King Cuomo is determined to remain in office despite the toll on New York. He is a tyrannical megalomaniac concerned only with his self interests. He cares nothing about the harm he has inflicted, offering only weak apologies. The outrage of it all! The time is now for decisive action. The budget travesty shows he is pandering to those who ultimately will decide his fate. Refusing to resign, he must be impeached. The litany of offenses grows and grows. The Legislature must seize the moment and remove him from office. His phony attempts at Stall Tactics must be put down.

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