Stand By Your Man

Cuomo staffers are crooning Stand By Your Man. Chief aide Melissa DeRosa continues to stand by her boss. She cites the career advancement of women in his administration. She also insists to Bloomberg that she is a human being. She protests that she is not one dimensional, explaining she called families of those who perished in nursing homes and felt their pain. Hollow words from a scheming opportunist. DeRosa is among a handful of confidantes who continue to tow the party line. She reportedly was a first hand witness to King Andrew’s humiliation of women. Recall she also admitted to Legislators that his people consciously and deliberately understated the number of fatalities. She was a party to his obstruction of justice. The Governor evidently surrounded himself with like minded persons. Away with them all! The guilty must be brought to task for their transgressions. Never again can such a cabal of ruthless, power hungry wannabes rule the Empire State.

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