State of Denial

The Cuomo administration is in a State of Denial. The Governor’s press secretary emphatically denied the sexual harassment allegations of former aide Lindsey Boylan. She claims they simply are not true. The bombshell revelations come amid eroding support for King Cuomo. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, has termed the charge “disturbing”. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio similarly deemed the allegation “disturbing” and called for an investigation. This is on top of the mounting pressure to strip Cuomo of his emergency powers. Bipartisan support is growing for impeachment. The Governor’s fall from grace is of epic proportions. New Yorkers are appalled by his abuse of office and public trust. The damage is beyond repair. He must resign to spare the State the upheaval of impeachment. During the unprecedented covid suffering, the Governor should lead and unite, not divide and outrage.

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