State of Emergency Lifted

The State of Emergency is lifted as of today. Why did it take so long? Cuomo tried to hang on to one man rule for as long as possible. The Emergency decree went into effect back in March 2020. It gave the Governor sweeping Emergency Powers to override laws and local ordinances. He invoked it hundreds of times to circumvent the democratic process. It essentially made him an Absolute Ruler for over a year. Amid scandals and public outcry, Cuomo adamantly held on to the Reigns of Power. It was a disgrace and breakdown of the 3 branch system of government. The scars of the abuse will last for a long time. Lives were wrecked by his arbitrary mandates. A generation of children was harmed by the closures of schools. The economy is in shambles. Over a million New Yorkers remain out of work. Businesses were crippled. Through it all Cuomo remains oblivious to the profound damage he has inflicted. The State of Emergency Lifted. The effects will haunt the Empire State for years to come.