Still Full of Regrets

Still Full of Regrets. Vanity Fair reports that Cuomo still regrets resigning last summer. Since then he has laid low, filling his days with cars and fish. A sorry state of affairs for the man who wielded near absolute power in New York for a decade. The crash and burn of the former Governor is of epic proportions, He notably shows no remorse for his actions. He rather bemoans the loss of his hold on Democratic politics. Armed with a 10 Million dollar war chest, he is equipped to do battle. After toying with challenging Hochul in this years election, he demurred and preferred to remain on the sidelines – at least for now. His tweet this week condemning the raid on Mar-a-Lago made headlines. He clearly sees himself as remaining a force to be reckoned with. Still Full of Regrets. Expect a SECOND ACT as he continues to lick his wounds !!