Study in Contrasts

Study in Contrasts. Andrew Cuomo and his daughter could not be more unlike. Michaela recently came out as queer. She moreover characterized herself on Instagram as demisexual. She added that we’re always evolving. Her father by way of contrast is secretive. He conceals what is happening around him. He lies, cheats, and coverups. Michaela is an honest, courageous young women. She shares what she is about on social media. She is open and forthright. So unlike her dad. The Governor fails to reveal the truth. Amid swirling scandals he refuses to resign and repent. Michaela is in the mold of her esteemed grandfather, Mario. She thinks it important to come clean. Study in Contrasts. Father Andrew and daughter Michaela are not cut from the same cloth. One is truthful and the other is DECEPTIVE !!