Super Mess on Super Sunday

There is a Super Mess on Super Sunday. As New Yorkers prepare to watch the National Championship, the State covid response is in shambles. The vaccination rollout has been mishandled, endangering the lives of millions. Arbitrary and unilateral executive orders from the Governor have compounded the suffering. His lockdowns of small businesses, notably restaurants, bars, and gyms, have threatened the financial survival of entire industries. Hundreds of thousands of workers and taxpayers have been laid off due to his authoritarian edicts. The unemployment rate in New York City is twice the national average. There is growing bipartisan support in the Legislature to rescind his emergency powers. The Courts are kicking back and finding in favor of plaintiffs suing the State. Democratic Attorney General Letitia James has issued a scathing report on the misrepresentation and under reporting of nursing home deaths. Not a pleasant state of affairs as New Yorkers hunker down for Super Bowl 55. They struggle amid the Super Mess created by Andrew Cuomo.

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