Taking Credit on Backs of Taxpayers

Taking Credit on Backs of Taxpayers. Big Budget projects are backed by Cuomo at public expense. During his decade in office he has spent recklessly. The state Budget has been swollen by his excess. Taxes are now the highest in the nation. All to the material detriment of the Empire State. The economy is stagnating. Businesses and wealthy individuals are fleeing in droves. Florida beckons with its sunshine and pro-business climate. Indeed, the state budget in Florida is half that of New York. Sensible spending has made for dynamic growth. The contrast is striking. New York is a hollow shell of what it used to be. Runaway expenditures and borrowing have mortgaged our future. The solution is to clean house and institute austerity spending. Taking Credit on Backs of Taxpayers. That was Cuomo’s play book to fuel his political ambitions. Now his future is in ruins and New Yorkers are left holding the bag.