That Was The Week That Was

That was the Week that Was. There was a dizzying array of new charges and denials. Events are consuming Andrew Cuomo’s administration. New accusers stepped forward alleging new instances of sexual harassment. They tell similar stories of abuse and intimidation. Politicians throughout the state are jumping ship, calling for his removal from office. Still King Cuomo refuses to resign, hoping beyond hope to ride out the fire storm. Unfortunately for him it is too later. His ability to govern has been impaired beyond fixing. He has lost all credibility with New Yorkers. He is facing potential criminal prosecution for his actions. Independent investigators appointed by the Attorney General and Legislature are in hot pursuit. The unrepentant Governor remains defiant to the end. It is like a Shakespearean tragedy. Ultimately the rule of law will prevail and he will be gone. And not a minute too soon for the Empire State.

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