The 4 Million Dollar Man

The 4 Million Dollar Man. That is the reported value of Andrew Cuomo’s book deal. In the midst of the pandemic he drafted a highly self-laudatory book on his handling of the emergency. “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic,” reflects his arrogance and narcissism. The New York Times reports it was edited with the assistance of state staffers. The self-promotional text chronicles a white washed version of the truth. The deliberate understatement of nursing home deaths was meant to bolster his public posture. This is criminality at its worst. The Governor obstructed justice for material gain. He not only needs to be impeached but also prosecuted for his misdoings. Indeed, the text foretells his coming fall from grace. He wrote, “People are smart, And after a while if they can watch you long enough, they can figure out who you are.” Prophetic words. He has been exposed as the lying, scheming, manipulative miscreant that he is. Be gone once and for all.

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