The Cuomo Scandal

The Cuomo Scandal keeps getting worse. The bombshell revelation by close aide Melissa DeRosa confirms what Attorney General Letitia James reported last month. The administration consciously and deliberately withheld the actual number of covid nursing home deaths. There is a growing outcry for the Governor’s resignation or removal from office. Impeachment is the needed remedy. There are criminal counts arising from interference with a federal investigation. At long last King Andrews days are numbered. He has lost all credibility and faces prosecution. Not a moment too soon for aggrieved New Yorkers who have suffered from his authoritarian rule. We call upon the Legislature to start impeachment proceedings. The families of the deceased deserve full accountability. Let the rule of Law prevail.

3 thoughts on “The Cuomo Scandal

  1. Lisa Colby

    You have not explained exactly what Governor Cuomo did. I think it sounded like he was being accused of counting deaths in the building that they died. What is wrong with that? If I live “Here” and die “There”—Shouldn’t it be reported that I died “There”.

    1. Lisa Colby

      And what would you have done? You have to remember that New York was the first hit and hit Hard. No one knew what to do except Trump. He knew it was here and knew its capabilities. Trump didn’t share with anyone except his Reporter and maybe Putin. So if you actually put yourself back there and actually remember what happened to New York then I would like to hear the solution or path that everyone else thinks Governor Cuomo should have followed. Remember that saying about “Hindsight”

  2. Teri Williford

    Cuomo is a bully, he enjoys trying to intimidate and threaten anyone who disagrees with his opinion. He treats women horribly, 7 accusers of sexual harassment!!! Lying and misleading Covid-19 statistics. Policies that caused senior citizens deaths. Cuomo is a liar, dishonest, untrustworthy and he needs to go!!! His reign of terror has lasted too long.

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