The Cup Runneth Over

The Cup Runneth Over. With Love? No with Tips on Andrew Cuomo’s wrongdoing to the Assembly’s hotline. Information has been received from “well in excess” of 100 informants. The flood gates have burst open with leads on his abuses. The committee on Impeachment is following up each Tip. Events are engulfing the Administration. They detail the toxic environment he created for himself. This in addition to the scandals involving underreporting of nursing home deaths and the use of staffers to write his infamous memoir. Don Cuomo’s days are numbered. Those around him have broken the vow of Omerta. They are no longer keeping silence. His own people are turning on him. The Governor was lulled into a false sense of security that people would remain loyal in the face of authority. The crimes were just too great. The Cup Runneth Over. With the venting of those he wronged.

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