The Honor System

The Honor System. While urging New Yorkers to be truthful about vaccinations, Cuomo has been anything but honest with us. Lies and deceptions are his trademarks. He finds it impossible to tell the truth. His disastrous third term has been marked by repeated double dealing. He has failed to come clean with us. His authoritarian lockdowns were a thinly veiled power grab. He abused the pandemic crisis to gratify his own enormous ego. The criminal coverup of the nursing home fatalities were evidence of his deceit. He denies the swirling sexual harassment charges by multiple credible female accusers. He refuses to admit the truth about the illegal assistance he received from state employees when writing his memoir. It is one enormous litany of lies. The Honor System. Cuomo struggles with FALSEHOODS. Do the RIGHT THING and TELL THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE !!!!