The Terminator: I Will Destroy You

Andrew Cuomo fancies himself to be The Terminator. He warned a Legislator: “I Will Destroy You”. Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim reports the Governor called and threatened him last week at home. Cuomo demanded he issue a written statement defending the him in the nursing home scandal. Kim is a critic of Cuomo’s treacherous mishandling of the underreporting. His elderly uncle died last year of covid in a nursing facility. 3 other Legislators have also reported that Cuomo has threatened them. They speak on condition of anonymity out of fear of reprisals. Enough is finally enough. The elected chief executive of the state is resorting to threats and intimidation. This is an inexcusable and untenable abuse of authority. King Andrew has revealed himself to be a street thug. The Legislature must immediately act. First rescind his emergency powers and then remove him from office. The Terminator belongs in movies and not in the State House.

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