The Weakened Governor

The Weakened Governor. Andrew Cuomo has lost clout with the Legislature. His fellow Democrats are abandoning him in droves. They are no longer subject to his tactics of bullying and intimidation. Nowhere is this more evident than in the enactment of the state Budget. He caved into the progressives insistence upon raising taxes. The effective rate on businesses and wealthy individuals is now the highest in the nation. The resultant mass exodus of corporations and the successful imperils New York’s future. The state is overly dependent upon tax collections from the 1 percent and Wall Street. The accelerating loss of their ranks threatens state finances. This dilemma is the result of Cuomo’s acquiescence to lawmakers who will decide his fate. Upon completion of the multiple investigations into his wrongdoing the Assembly will vote Articles of IMPEACHMENT. The Senate will SIT IN JUDGMENT. Until that inevitability the once mighty King Andrew will continue to limp along. The Weakened Governor. His loss of power is of EPIC PROPORTIONS !!!!