Total Chaos

Total Chaos. Disarray in the rental relief program. Can the Cuomo administration every get anything right ? The state has bungled the disbursement of 2.7 Billion to cash strapped tenants facing eviction. Less than One Million dollars has been paid out to date. 200,000 New York households are facing eviction when the rent moratorium expires on August 31st. The fault lies squarely with the Cuomo regime. They have had months to process tenant applications for payment. Only outcry from US Senator Chuck Schumer has prompted the Governor to double down. Otherwise an unprecedented crisis of vast numbers of New Yorkers will shortly lose their homes. This is further evidence of Cuomo’s lack of concern for everyday New Yorkers. Instead of distributing the money to hep vulnerable residents, the program has been mishandled. Incompetence is rampant. Total Chaos. Will Cuomo’s people get the money to struggling landlords and avert a humanitarian disaster ? !!