Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely. A sixth woman has now come forward to accuse Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate contact. A member of his Executive Chamber staff was called to the State House where he allegedly took his liberties with her. The incident has been reported to the Governor’s general counsel, Beth Garvey. Enough is finally enough. 6 credible accusers have now courageously stepped forward to level similar charges. The outrageous conduct is a stain on State Government. The Legislature must immediately take action to punish the misconduct. Impeachment is the answer. King Cuomo continues to deny he did anything inappropriate. He adamantly refuses to resign. Sexual harassment is illegal and a violation of human dignity. The case is clear cut. On top of criminal misconduct, obstruction of justice, intimidation, and abuse of power, he has been exposed as a predator. His Touchy Feely advances are the final straw. Justice must be served.

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