UBI: The Coming Debacle

UBI is the Coming Debacle. Universal Basic Income is the likely next disaster for New York. The brainchild of progressives, it has been introduced on a trial basis in California. Its goal is to distribute free monthly money to those in need. New York Legislators, fresh off their success in raising taxes on the rich and corporations, will turn to UBI. King Cuomo is powerless to stem the rising tide. He is in survival mode, yielding to the State Assembly and Senate who will sit in judgment on him. The economy is in the midst of upheaval. Thousands of once vibrant small businesses have been killed off by the Governor’s restrictive shutdowns. UBI would further the misery, with no explanation for how it would be funded. Even more taxes and borrowing would be needed to pay for it. Until Andrew Cuomo is removed from office, the specter of UBI looms. The damage to the Empire State would be beyond repair. Goodbye New York. Hello Texas and Florida.

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