Vaccine for Hire

Vaccine for Hire. That is the latest Cuomo administration outrage. Attorney General Letitia James is expanding the scope of the investigation. She is looking into reports that the Governor’s aide traded access to the covid vaccines in exchange for political support. This is the last straw. King Cuomo politicized the life-saving shots for his own gain. HE SIMPLY MUST GO. AND HE MUST GO NOW! Revelation after Revelation have come out. Still there is no action on his removal from office. Fox News commentator Leo Terrell summed it up: “Governor Cuomo is bad for New York and bad for the country. And what Democrats are doing, they’re still protecting him.” The stall tactics must end. Cuomo is proverbial toast. The investigations must conclude quickly. The Legislature must carry out its CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO IMPEACH HIM. There can be no further delays. Vaccine for Hire. THE OUTRAGE OF IT ALL!