Waiting Game

Waiting Game. New Yorkers await results of the Cuomo investigations. Meanwhile political futures are on hold. The Governor is weakened by the swirl of scandals. He has been rendered impotent by the multiple inquiries. He has lost control to progressives in the Legislature. They will ultimately sit in judgment on him. Defiantly refusing to resign, IMPEACHMENT LOOMS as the likely outcome. There are no fewer than 3 investigations. Attorney General Letitia James, Assembly Judiciary Committee, and US Attorney for Eastern District of New York are all looking into allegations of wrongdoing. When reports are returned it will sound the death knell for the embattled Governor. If he is removed from office, then next years gubernatorial race will be blown wide open. James is reportedly mulling a run for the State House. She and others are jockeying behind the scenes to pursue the state’s top prize. They are biding their time while justice takes it course. Waiting Game. The POLITICAL FUTURE of New York is at stake.