What Big Hands You Have

What Big Hands You Have. That is the reported preoccupation of Andrew Cuomo. Charlotte Bennett alleges he is obsessed with his large hand size. In 4 hours of sworn testimony she elaborated on sexual harassment by the Governor. The innuendos about hand girth are obvious. Ms. Bennett decried the toxic work place environment. King Andrew has been exposed as a predator who preyed on young women. 5 of the 7 accusers were government aides. This can not be tolerated. These courageous women have stepped forward at great personal peril to reveal his transgressions. They are highly credible and should be believed. It is incumbent upon the Legislature to expedite the impeachment process. Never again can the Governorship of New York be tainted by tawdry conduct. Hands Off, Andrew Cuomo. You did this to yourself.

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