What Does The Future Hold

What Does The Future Hold. That is the question on the minds of New Yorkers. State government is in upheaval with Cuomo as Wild Card. He threatens to blow the election wide open by possibly running as an independent. His Ego is so great that he may well enter the race. Polls indicate that he would siphon enough votes from Hochul to provide for Republican victory in November. Meanwhile she is badly wounded, having stumbled repeatedly. The controversies over Bills stadium, out of control crime, and the Brian Benjamin fiasco have left her limping. The resurgence of covid with its new subvariant further casts a pall. She has vowed not to resort to lockdowns like the ones Cuomo used that crippled the economy and disrupted the lives of every New Yorkers. Whether she keeps her word remains to be seen. What Does The Future Hold. It is unclear as we navigate uncertain waters !!