What Is The Contingency Plan

What is The Contingency Plan? New Yorkers have a Right to Know. Governor please tell us what you propose to do if there is further damage to the economy. Your authoritarian lockdowns have left Millions unemployed and countless small businesses in shambles. Thousands have closed permanently and many more are just limping along. Emergency federal benefits are drying up. The unemployment insurance program will likely end in early September. Pandemic relief to businesses similarly will be over. Renters will face eviction. And what about the very real possibility that the overheated stock market will crash? For years you have funded State Government on the backs of Wall Street. Over 20 percent of state revenues derive from the financial sector. What will you do when the long awaited stock market correction comes? You have irresponsibly evaded addressing these critical issues. Your inaction has made the situation worse. Your heavy handed covid constraints have only made a bad situation worse. What is the Contingency Plan? New Yorkers DEMAND TO KNOW !!!!