White House Or Big House?

White House or Big House? That is the question facing Andrew Cuomo. Until he self destructed, he imagined himself en route to the White House. His presidential ambitions were limit less. As he learned the hard way, funny things have a way of derailing plans. Like committing criminal acts. With Washington out of reach, he is looking at the Big House. Never before in New York history has a governor faced incarceration. The nursing home scandal, in which he deliberately understated fatalities, is tantamount to obstruction of justice. The 10 accusations by credible women of of sexual harassment is another criminal offense. Most seriously, he allegedly groped and fondled a female aide at the Executive Mansion. The fall from grace is total and complete. The incriminating actions were of his own doing. He has no one to blame but himself. The White House or Big House? All roads lead to the latter.

3 thoughts on “White House Or Big House?

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