Will He Pardon Percoco ?

Will He pardon Joe Percoco ? That is the question of the hour. Rumors are swirling that Cuomo will commute the sentence of his disgraced former aide. And what about imprisoned Legislators Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos ? Will they receive pardons ? Albany is abuzz about the Governor’s intentions. He has already extended clemency to 10 convicted felons, including 3 charged with manslaughter. He is treading on thin ice. Pardons to discredited colleagues would throw a monkey wrench into his plans for a Comeback. It would spark a public backlash. Still, we have come to expect the unforeseen with Cuomo. As he plots his political future he has to consider all options. Will He Pardon Percoco ? We surely hope not. At risk is the TAINT of further SCANDAL. Anything is possible during his FINAL DAYS in office !!