Will Not Govern By Press Conferences

Will Not Govern By Press Conference. That is the word from Kathy Hochul. She is taking not so thinly veiled swipes at Cuomo. She is looking to distance herself from him and his heavy handed tactics. Hochul is working to establish a new regime. She has already started cleaning house. Many of her predecessor’s aides have been shown the exits. Having already announced her intention to run for a full term next year she is leaving the disgraced Governor behind. In a bold move she called the Legislature into special session to pass a four and a half month extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratoria. She is championing the interests of the working men and women. It is a new day in Albany. She brings a lifetime’s experience in public service to the job. Gone are Cuomo’s arrogance and strong armed intimidation. Will Not Govern By Press Conferences. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW !!