Yet Another Scandal

Yet Another Scandal is engulfing the Cuomo administration. The Albany Times Union reports that last year early in the pandemic there was preferential testing of the Governor’s family and close associates. Health care providers, including Dr. Eleanor Adams, an advisor to the Health Department, made special trips to the homes of Cuomo cronies to perform tests. That was at a time when testing was scarcely available to the general public. How many more bombshells await revelation? King Cuomo has been exposed as having repeatedly and unlawfully abused his office. First the nursing home scandal, then the sexual misconduct allegations, and now the preferential treatment of his extended family. New Yorkers cry out for justice. The impeachment process must be accelerated. It is incumbent upon the Legislature to launch the proceedings immediately. Cuomo’s ability to govern has been irrevocably compromised. In the midst of dual health and financial emergencies a new chief executive is needed. Strong leadership from Albany is required to address the crisis. Once he has been removed from office, the courts must hear the criminal charges. There was no place for this to end but in disaster.

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